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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational excellence for lunch, and everything else for dinner”

At Great Lakes we understand that people are loyal to culture, not strategy.  Our core values are embedded in everything we do.  We believe that by fostering true employee engagement and providing an authentic voice in the day to day operations, we will unleash creativity and maximize the potential of our people.

Meet Our Team

The foundational principle of everything we do is building relationships. Meet Your Great Lakes Team.

Scott Martin

Founding Partner Learn More

Eric Schnirel

President & Managing Partner Learn More

Brandon Aichinger

Director of Operations Learn More

Wendy Moore

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Michele Luppino

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Lisa Wylie

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Kimberly Harper

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Kathy Oertelt

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Josh Hughes

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Curtis Warrick

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Collin Murray

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Cal Jackson

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Azariah Owens

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Adrian Drake

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Sil Dan

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Shelby Cohan

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Brian Pappagallo

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Oliver Stein

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Michael Tintor

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Jeff Parker

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Jeff Hoelscher

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Bradley Poitras

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John Netter

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Available Positions

Join the Great Lakes team!

Account Representative

Our sales team assists business in moving forward.  If you love to problem solve and value quality relationships, then this could be for you.

Carrier Manager

Our dispatch team delivers an uncommon level of communication and attention to detail.  If you understand the importance of flexibility and can adapt to change on the fly, then this could be for you.


Our admin team plays a crucial part in ensuring our billing cycle meets the needs of our customers. If you are organized and can deliver a high level of customer service then this could be for you.


Our marketing team drives our growth and shares our culture.  If you enjoy strategizing and analyzing data this could be for you.


Are you a natural leader? If you love building a team, and have the ability to influence human behavior, then this could be for you.

Pre-Employment Qualifications

  • Have management experience in logistics or sales
  • High School Diploma
  • Individuals must be a US Citizen
  • Minimum 2 years sales/customer service
  • Must have competitive spirit
  • Documented employment history with verifiable references
  • All approved candidates will be required to attend orientation

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