Senior Account Representative

Bradley Poitras came on board in October of 2016 and has made the most impressive charge in company history since. A graduate of Wilmington University in business management, Brad’s work ethic is second to none. Brad’s round the clock accessibility, and attention to even the most finite details has made him a sought after commodity by our biggest clients. Bradley’s dedication to the customers he serves has allowed him to build healthy, trustworthy relationships that seek his professionalism on a daily basis. His energy and enthusiasm have paid off, as Brad has been the recipient of the company sales award for nine consecutive months running. Bradley embodies the Great Lakes way and is a model employee, constantly teaching the new additions to the company the value of teamwork and the power of collaboration.

“The Great Lakes ownership understands the power of people and the importance of building a quality working environment. This allows the entire team to work within their comfort zone and maximize their individual potential.”